Do you have kids and, or pets? If yes, then I bet you love them very much, and you would do anything to make sure that they are living happily and healthy. Like most parents and pet owners, there are some basic things in your house such as carpets that you might not remember to clean. It’s important to note that such simple things can render all your efforts to ensure good life for your pets and kids unfruitful.

Carpet flooring goes a long way in ensuring that you, your kids and pets live comfortably. It brings with it a lot of benefits to everyone in the household. As mentioned before, it can also be very damaging to all family members, especially the most vulnerable ones like small children and pets. To prevent any potential danger, carpet cleaning should be a priority.

Today, we have thought it wise to highlight some of the health hazards for your children and pets that may be as a result of dirty carpets. Here you go!


  1. Digestive problems

Children will always be children. On the same not, pets will always be test as well. As their parent, you must let them be. As expected, both of them will drop food particles on your carpet. If not cleaned immediately, the foods will decay on your loved ones may pick them later and eat them. This can cause a very serious digestive issue to them.

It’s not only pets and kids who drop food on the carpet. The owners also do it more often. It’s actually inevitable because it’s always accidental. You don’t need to worry about the food dropping on your floor. All you need to do is clean the food immediately as soon as it drops. This will prevent food decay, and negate any chance of your loved ones picking and eating dirty food. If you accidentally pour a lot of soup on the carpet, it’s good to get professional cleaners to offer you carpet cleaning services.

  1. Skin infection


Generally, any kind of dirt and dust on the body of children and pets can cause dangerous skin infection to them. Dirty carpets will mean that your pets and children will get dust and dirt on their body, and this can cause many kinds of skin problems to them including skin irritation, skin infections and so on.

As you know, you can’t keep your pets and children away from the carpet even if you wanted to. They will lie, play, crawl and do all sorts of things on the carpet whether it’s dirty or clean. Furthermore, carpets are the favorite resting places for both pets and children because it is soft, warm and comfortable. So, you only have one option if you want to ensure that your loved ones do not get any skin infections – regular carpet cleaning.


  1. Infectious diseases

Dirty carpets contain many harmful bacteria and microbes. When your pets and children remain in contact with such a dirty carpet, bacteria and microbes will definitely cause them infectious diseases. And when you have pets that have infectious diseases, you are also at risk because they might infect you too. In the end, almost every member of the family might suffer from infectious diseases if you don’t clean your carpet.

If you don’t want to face such stressful and potentially dangerous situations, you should keep that carpet clean. Good thing is, carpet cleaning services in Singapore are readily available and affordable to everyone.

  1. Sickness


Pets, just like kids and adults, also get sick after they have been infected with infectious diseases caused by a dirty carpet. Your kids and pets will definitely face a number of complications because of such sickness, and this might hurt them in a bad way. You will have no choice but to spend a lot of money on treating your children and pets after they have become sick. In the worst case scenario, the sickness might cause even death. Why would anyone on earth wait until they are in this bad situation when all they can do to stay safe is to ensure the cleanliness of their carpets?

Carpet flooring adds comfort and a special feel and touch to your home. But without regular carpet cleaning, it might turn out to the source of many problems.



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