It is a common sight for most households in Singapore to have a sofa for owners and guests to enjoy during entertainment sessions. Over a period of time, the sofa becomes dirty as all the dust, dirt, sweat, and spills get transferred to the sofa. In addition to affecting the appearance of the sofa, the dirt may also cause an unpleasant smell. To efficiently clean the sofa, it is important to know the types of fabric used and the best method to clean them. Hiring a sofa cleaning service or an upholstery cleaning service can also make the cleaning process much easier.   

Here are some factors to consider when you are cleaning your sofa:

Prior To Cleaning 

It is possible for homeowners to maintain upholstered furniture at home. Prior to fabric sofa cleaning, some of the recommended steps to prevent damage and remove stains on fabric sofa are as follows:

Check The Sofa Manufacturer’s Recommendations 

Most sofa manufacturers have provided recommendations for cleaning the sofa, based on the design of the sofa, fabric, and other materials that are used. It is recommended that you maintain your upholstery sofa by following the instructions provided. 

Check The Cleaning Codes On Cleaning Tags 

The sofa manufacturer will also provide cleaning tags for the sofa, indicating the recommended cleaning liquids or methods for the sofa. The cleaning codes used by most sofa manufacturers are X – vacuum only, W – water, S – solvent, S/W solvent, and water. If you do not know how to read these tags, you should hire a professional for sofa cleaning as they will recommend the most suitable cleaning technique for your sofa.

Steps to Cleaning Your Sofa

The different steps for effective sofa cleaning are described below: 

Use Dry Brush


The person cleaning should try to loosen the dirt first before using a liquid cleaner. A dry brush with natural bristles should be used to brush the sofa thoroughly to loosen up particles from yellow stains or spills. 

Vacuum Cleaning

vacuum-cleaner-sofa-cleaning-carpet-cleaning singapore

 A handheld vacuum cleaner should be used to remove all the loose particles, dirt, and debris from the sofa. The person cleaning the sofa should also identify the stained areas so he can remove them later with a cleaning solution. He can also clean the fabric sofa with a steamer to sanitize it from germs and bacteria.  

Clean With Baking Soda


Sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning is important for your health and your family’s as well. Baking soda is very effective in cleaning fabric sofa and in removing unpleasant odors and stains. For this, a solution should be made with equal amounts of baking soda and water. Vinegar can also be added to the cleaning solution. After mixing the ingredients together, the solution should be sprinkled over the sofa allowing it to settle for fifteen to twenty minutes. After this, the baking soda should be removed using a vacuum cleaner. You can also engage professional sofa cleaning services for better cleaning results.

Spot Treatment For Stains


There are many ways on how to remove stains on a fabric sofa. The most basic way is to use the cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer. If no cleaning agent is recommended, detergent, dissolved in soap water can be used. If the person cleaning is not sure whether the cleaning agent will cause damage, he should first test it on a smaller area. The cleaning agent or detergent solution should be applied to the stained area for some time and then wiped with a cloth. This process can be repeated till the stain is removed.

Dry Fabric Sofa /Air Drying Sofa 

One of the common misconceptions regarding sofa cleaning is that drying the sofa after cleaning is hard. In fact, a sofa can be easily dried by damping a soft towel to the area with excess water.  After all the excess liquids are removed, the sofa will dry naturally, due to air circulating around it. You just have to make sure that there is proper ventilation to where the sofa is being dried.  

Hiring Professionals For Sofa Cleaning 

Though the cleaning methods listed above will remove the dirt and stains from the sofa to some extent, the process is very time-consuming for most homeowners. There are also some stains and dirt which are not easily removed using the above methods. Hence, it is advisable to seek cleaning services by engaging with professional upholstery cleaning services from time to time.  


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