Mattresses can start appearing yellow which is a clear indication or sign that they are aging. Aside from aging, urine, oil, sweat, and even other body fluids can cause yellow stains on them. As soon as you notice these yellow stains, clean your mattress immediately. Otherwise, they will get more difficult to remove as time passes. For a thorough removal of the stains, you may wish to call a mattress cleaning service. However, some may prefer to perform DIY cleaning using ingredients found at home.

Therefore, we will be discussing further on the causes of yellow stains on mattresses, and how you can actually fix them yourself.

Different Causes Of Mattress Stains 


Sweat stains may be hard to get noticed during the initial phases, however, they tend to leave yellow stains on mattresses and causes a bad odour. They are one of the most common reasons of yellow marks appearing on mattresses and even upholstered furniture.



If you have kids or keep pets at home, you will most probably face bedwetting situations. In such circumstances, the urine will cause yellow stains on the mattress. Besides that, the odour caused by the urine will not be easy to eliminate. It will be highly recommended that you will a good mattress stain remover or call for professional services to remove pee out of the mattress.



If you have the habit of eating food on your bed, you may notice that oil from the food may cause stains on your mattress if accidentally dropped. Apart from that, our bodies produce oil which may stain the mattress as well. You will not be able to notice the stains that these oil results in until they start to get yellow. You may then need the help of a professional for mattress cleaning.



Oil, urine, as well as sweat, can create excess moisture on your mattress, and then it will prove to be a perfect place for mildew and mold to grow. Just like the other yellow stains discussed, mold can look like little yellow spots and can cover a particular area of your mattress. You can home ingredients like baking soda to clean your mattress at home.

Steps To Get Rid Of Yellow Stains From Your Mattress


If you do not want to deal with mattress stains, then you should try and prevent them from occurring at all. To make this possible, you must take simple precautions like changing your sheets on a regular basis and using a protective mattress cover. This will not only lessen the time needed for cleaning but can also maintain the hygiene of your mattress. Aside from these regular care and maintenance, mattress cleaning is also important for your health as it can lessen the risk of sickness brought by germs and bacteria on stains. You can either engage a mattress cleaning service in Singapore or do DIY cleaning. To clean the mattress yourself, you may use ingredients such as dishwashing liquid, water, and hydrogen peroxide.

You can also follow these steps for cleaning:

Step 1 – The first thing you need to do is to make your mattress stain remover by mixing a good amount of liquid soap with water. Keep mixing it well until you notice thick suds forming.

Step 2 – Now, scoop the suds using a damp, clean cloth. Make sure you only take the suds and as little water as you can. Rub these suds over the yellow stains on your mattress following a circular motion.

Step 3 – Next, take a dry, clean cloth, and use it to blot and absorb any excess moisture from your mattress.

Step 4 – You then need to use your prepared mattress stain remover and keep following the second and third step at least a few times until you have gotten rid of the stains completely.

Step 5 – If the yellow stains still exist, then add some hydrogen peroxide in an empty spray bottle and mist it over the yellow spot. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to stay for about five minutes and then blot. Repeat this process until the stains are gone.

How these steps work for you depends on the kind of stains you are trying to tackle. If the stains are too old then these home remedies may not show the desired results. You will then need the help of an upholstery cleaning service or professional mattress cleaning services to completely remove the stains and smell.


Identifying the causes of yellow stains on a mattress is the first step in eliminating them. If DIY cleaning does not work, it is always better to consult with DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore. They offer cleaning services that can remove old and yellowing stains and they will make your mattress odorless and looking brand-new. You may also wish to read other articles on DIY cleaning hacks.

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