Like mattress cleaning, cleaning your rugs helps prevent your home from becoming filled with dust and grime. Furthermore, it protects you from any negative health effects which might occur as a result of inhaling airborne particles and making contact with dirt. To ensure that your rug is thoroughly cleaned, be sure to consider the following tips on rug cleaning:

Vacuum Your Rug As Often As Possible


Rugs often incur many forms of dirt that originate from various areas. As such, it is important to vacuum it as often as you can to prevent such dirt from accumulating. Otherwise, you could end up soiling different parts of your home as well as upholstered furniture.

Before vacuuming your rug, bring it outside and make sure to give it a good shake to dislodge any particles which might be trapped within the fabric. You can also sprinkle a bit of baking soda over it to remove any odours just like you would with old carpets. After vacuuming, shake your rug again outdoors to remove any remaining particles.

Use The Suction-only Function

When using a vacuum cleaner to clean your rug, it is advised that you clean using the suction-only function instead of a rotating brush attachment. Take note that this is better used on carpet flooring as using it on a rug can damage its fabric and even shred its fringes. Furthermore, it could end up pulling small loose fibers thereby creating a run in the carpet.

Clean Any Spills Immediately


Just like with various types of carpets, any spillages on your rug need to be soaked up immediately. If not, the liquid or solution may eventually damage the rug’s material permanently. First, dampen a white cotton cloth and blot it on the affected areas like you would during mattress cleaning. Make sure not to rub the cloth as doing so causes the particles to penetrate deeper into the fibers which might lead them to breakdown prematurely.

Rotate Your Rug Annually


Some rugs eventually wear out despite being properly maintained. When this happens, you can try rotating it once a year (or every six months) to prevent extensive fading in one area. Since it is also prone to sun damage like leather sofas, it might be best to keep it out of sunlight so that it fades much more gradually. If you wish, you can make use of shutters, window shades, or large curtains in your home to prevent a large amount of sunlight from going in.


As is the case when doing carpet cleaning, it is best to consider some helpful tips when cleaning your rug to ensure that it is properly washed or disinfected. For instance, you might want to vacuum it as often as possible to prevent dirt and dust from building up. It is also best to use the suction-only function when vacuuming your rug so that any fringes and loose strands do not incur damage. In addition, do not forget to clean any spills immediately to prevent your rug’s fabric from prematurely wearing out. Once it does wear out, however, you can try rotating it annually and prevent it from being exposed to sunlight so you can maintain its appearance for much longer.

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