Carpet flooring makes your home, office or a commercial space comfortable, beautiful and fresh. Cleaning the carpet goes a long way in making it look fresh and stunning. It also increases its lifespan. Gone are the days when carpet cleaning only involved scrubbing with a brush and then splashing water. Today, there are very effective methods and techniques of cleaning a carpet. Let’s look at some of them and their pros and cons.

Carpet shampooing

The method involves using applying carpet shampoo onto your carpet before using a motorized brush to scrub into the fibers. Experts who do carpet shampoo in Singapore will do you a great job.


  • Carpet shampoo is affordable
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast
  • Shorter drying time
  • Removes soil from the surface very effectively


  • Only suitable for some kinds of carpets because no high temperatures involved
  • Prone to excessive wetting due to poor foam extraction
  • Can cause pile distortion on high-pile carpets


Dry Cleaning

Just like the name suggests, dry cleaning doesn’t involve the use of any water. The cleaner spreads over an absorbent compound and then use counter-rotating brushes to work the compound through.

The compound will absorb the soils for about 10 minutes before the compound, which is powder foam, is vacuumed.


  • Doesn’t require any training
  • Safe for hemp and sisal, or any other delicate material
  • Very short drying time without the use of any special techniques or tools


  • Not able to clean deeper into the material
  • Not suitable for anyone who is allergic to dust because the method causes dust build-up
  • Absorbent powder may pile up with time and cause more dirt if cleaners use a low-quality vacuum


This cleaning method doesn’t the use of any water. The method uses a chemical that contain crystallization and cleaning agents. The method is new and very effective.

The cleaning agents suspend soils, debris and dirt which results from the rotating brush of the vacuum. On the other hand, the crystallization agent encapsulates and dries the dirt, soils and debris into crystals that are then vacuumed away.


  • No drying or rinsing required
  • It doesn’t leave any dirt residues
  • Suitable for even the largest carpet flooring areas
  • Effective and long-lasting method of cleaning


  • The chemicals and machines used are very expensive
  • Not very effective for removal of soils and oily dirt
  • The machines used are very heavy, hard to maneuver, and requires trained personnel


Dry foam shampooing method

Often, people tend to confuse this method with the carpet shampooing method not only because they are quite similar, but also because their names are almost the same too.

In this method, the carpet shampoo in a liquid form is first whipped into foam using a foam generator. After which, the shampoo is applied to the carpet. The method uses only 10 percent of the liquid with 90 percent air.

Reel brush systems are used to apply the liquid shampoo into a carpet that is being cleaned. After a short while, it is sucked into a vacuum.


  • Very fast drying time
  • No excessive wetting
  • Gets rid of dirt and debris very effectively from the surface
  • Rotary brushes generate excellent agitation


  • It can cause damage to the fibers
  • Unsuitable for the deep carpet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is sometimes confused with dry cleaning. In this method, what is used is a cleaning product mixed with carbonate water. You will then spread the mixture as a mist over the carpet as a bonnet runs over all the soiled areas of your carpet.

The bonnet has an absorbent covering which is replaced with a new, clean one when it becomes grimy. This will ensure that all the dirt and soils are completely withdrawn from the carpet because all of them are going to stick onto the bonnet. You might be wondering what a bonnet is. Well, it is simply a circular rotating buffer.


  • The method is cost-effective
  • Faster drying time
  • Perfect for spot cleaning


  • Doesn’t remove dirt that are found below the surface of the carpet
  • Used mostly as temporary cleaning method



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