Upholstery Cleaning in Singapore

DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore has been providing professional upholstery cleaning services for residential and commercial clients for years now.


  • Upholstery Cleaning Experts: Our cleaning specialists have been in this industry for over the past decade, completing works for both residential and commercial clients.
  • Fuss Free Booking Experience: We strive to offer our customers a fuss-free experience while booking our services. Get your furniture cleaned in 3 simple steps.
  • Professional and Reliable Services: We ensure to only offer high-quality services to our customers with the latest cleaning technologies and high levels of workmanship.

3 Steps to Clean Your Upholstery

1. Give us a call.

2. Chat with our customer support team.

3. Get your furniture cleaned

Upholstery Cleaning & Maintenance:

At DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore, we ensure that only safe chemicals are used for upholstery cleaning and treatments. Our experienced team of cleaning specialists is well-trained to operate professional cleaning equipment. This is to ensure that your upholstery furniture will not get damaged in the cleaning process.


  • Importance of Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery furniture including fabric/leather sofa is definitely a common sight in residences or even commercial offices. They are considered one of the most heavily utilised furniture by owners and guests, hence, causing a large amount of soil and dirt trapped in them.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance of the upholstery, dirt and grime will only further accumulate as time passes. This may cause adverse effects on users which such as extreme eyesore. It may also result in a number of skin and respiratory problems like eczema, rashes, allergies, and asthma.

It is recommended that regular upholstery cleaning and maintenance is performed for the furniture to be utilised in a safe and clean manner. You can engage our upholstery cleaning services for guaranteed service satisfaction!


  • How Does Our Upholstery Cleaning Work?

Our professional upholstery cleaning services provides a deep and thorough clean for your upholstery. We will ensure that the upholstery will be kept in its best condition and free from damage.

The cleaning specialists will be using high-grade commercial vacuum machines to extract embedded dust particles. Afterwhich, we will proceed with the shampooing process (dry shampoo). The dry shampoo foam encapsulates the dirt trapped inside the upholstery. With the best cleaning technology and chemicals used, you will not have to worry about any tough or stubborn stains as they will be removed during the cleaning process.

Once the entire cleaning process is completed, we will apply an additional layer of anti-dust mite protection. Our upholstery cleaning process ensures that a clean piece of furniture will be returned to you.


  • Benefits of Engaging Us

Fabric Protection

Aside from providing a thorough clean for your furniture, we will advocate fabric protection as well. The fabric protector will be applied to the upholstery, which helps retain the colour and looks of it. This will also enhance its durability from daily usage (wear and tear), and water stains from spillage.

Gentle Cleaning

The cleaning equipment and chemical chosen are for professional usage. We do not use strong chemicals that will lead to disintegration or spring corrosion. The shampoo we use for cleaning is a dry shampoo for a quicker drying time and reduces the possibility of damage to the furniture.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Rates

We aim to keep our prices affordable for our customers to enjoy our suite of professional and reliable cleaning services.

Seamless Booking Experience

Simply contact us via phone call. The most convenient appointment will be arranged for you. Our dedicated customer support team will be able to assist with price quotes, inquiries, and provide recommendations.

High Quality Workmanship

Enjoy the latest cleaning machinery technology paired with our high-quality workmanship from our experienced cleaning specialists. Be assured to enjoy clean furniture pieces with our professional and reliable suite of cleaning services.

One-Stop Convenience

We aim to uphold the highest quality service standards from our customer service to our workmanship. We want our customers to enjoy the convenience of booking a suite of cleaning services with confidence and peace of mind.