Being one of the best Upholstery cleaning Singapore company we offer quality cleaning services. If you want to keep your upholstery at the right condition you need to go for the regular maintenance. The fabric of the upholstery will stay fine only if you do the maintenance on a regular basis.

What service do we offer?

With the upholstery cleaning service our company is going to keep your upholster at the best condition for a longer time. As we are expert for cleaning you can remain assured that we will do the deep cleaning of the upholster and thus will make it free from any sort of dirt.

The color and the condition of the upholstery will remain the same even after cleaning it a number of times. This is the assured quality service we provide every time you call us for the service.


What things we take care of?

We understand the importance to maintain the right condition of the upholstery for longer time. So, we will always provide you the latest technology only to take care of the cleaning. We take every cleaning request as unique and handle it after seeing the condition of the upholstery only.

  • For fabric upholstery cleaning, we only use the safe chemicals for the upholstery treatment and thus keep the upholstery leather absolutely safe. We have the tested technology and product with us to provide you guaranteed service.
  • Most of the people don’t go for the upholstery cleaning mainly because the drying time is more. This is why they feel that the upholstery can get damage. However, with our service you can remain headache less. We use the dry shampoo only to clean the upholstery. So, it takes very less drying time. It removes embedded dust and dirt completely.
  • We ensure that you will not experience any kind of fabric shrinkage after completion of the service. It is one of the hazards that many people have already faced after cleaning the upholstery especially if it did not undergo the fabric treatment.
  • With the best solutions we have, we can remove most of the stains. However, as a fact it cannot be guaranteed that each and every stain is removable because we need to take care of the condition of your upholstery as well.


How we work?

We will use our best graded vacuum cleaners for extracting the embedded dust particles. After that the upholstery set will undergo through shampooing process which is kept in low moisture level. The foam encapsulates the dirt which is trapped inside the fabric and finally it provides a complete cleaning. We use the best quality upholstery cleaning machine.

Because of the modern technology and best chemical we use, you will not find any kind of stain on the upholstery. After the cleaning it done we will apply anti-dust mite which is chemically safe to make the upholstery free from any kind of bacteria or virus.

If you need leather upholstery cleaning, we will use shampoo at the very initial stage. Constant brushing removes embedded dirt and dust from the leather grains. After that we use some of the natural creams to moisturize the upholstery leather. Thus we prevent it from getting cracked even after using it for a very long time.

Fabric protection:

We know that you have called us for the cleaning service only. However, being an expert, we should ensure that your upholstery remains fine for a long time. This is why we advocate fabric protection. We will reapply the protector on the upholstery and thus its beauty and color will remain unchanged even after a long time. It will enhance resistance from water based stains, daily chance of tear and wear, dirt and soiling for the upholstery.Fabric-Upholstery-Cleaning-Singapore-Dw-Carpet-Cleaning-Singapore_wm

Gentle cleaning:

We will surely take care of the fact that the foam inside the upholstery remains fine after cleaning. This is why we go for gentle cleaning with best upholstery cleaner. We don’t use the strong chemicals which can lead to disintegration or spring corrosion for your furniture.

We use the gentle chemicals which are neither too wet nor too harsh for your upholstery. We know that you have spent a lot to purchase the furniture.

We will only send the specialists who will be able to identify the type of stain first but will accordingly do the treatment. Thus, we can surely clean the upholstery in the safest way possible and you will get the refreshed product back again.

So, if you want to take assistance of any professional cleaning services in Singapore for cleaning and upholstery maintenance we are always ready to take your call. You will get the most satisfactory experience with our experts for cleaning and taking care of your furniture at the best level.