Being a proficient Sofa cleaning company in Singapore, we are well verse for the sofa cleaning service. When you think about getting the utmost satisfaction in cleaning service then we are surely on the top to provide you that. Our experts are the best in the industry to use the most upgraded technology for the cleaning which will ensure a safe and comfortable cleaning experience.

When you should go for it?

You should not opt for the sofa cleaning only when you discover a stain. If you can continue a regular maintenance the sofa will remain in good condition. Thus, the dirt and dust particles will be removed, and the fabric will remain in good condition. Older stains are always difficult to be removed. As you use the sofa everyday it gets dirty with the dirt, dust, body grease, and food crumbs particles. So, regular cleaning is must for the sofas.


What things we take care of?

Being a trusted and reliable sofa cleaning company, we always go an extra mile to provide you the super satisfactory service. We take extra care of a few necessary things to provide you the best possible service.

  • In case of fabric sofa cleaning you will always have the fear of fabric shrinkage and color discoloration. Therefore, we take extra care in using only those chemicals for cleaning with which there is no threat of discoloration. As the shampoo used by us is low moisture, there is no chance of shrinkage as well.
  • Traditional cleaning method of sofa has not given satisfactory result all the time. Therefore, we focus on using the low moisture cleaning treatment which will provide you effective result. If you ask any of the reputed sofa retailers, you will also come to know about such cleaning method which we use.
  • Drying will surely be another concern that you are going to have. However, we always try to do it as fast as possible. However, as it is a sofa, more shampooing will be required to remove dust completely.


The process of cleaning:

At first, we use the vacuum cleaner to remove the embedded dirt and dust particles which are lying in the upper surface. After that low moisture shampoo will be used for the cleaning. The inherent dust particles now will be absorbed by the shampoo and while getting dried those will transform into crystals.

At the end level the crystals are removed, and you get a completely clean sofa to use. However, we also take into consideration of your health and hygiene as you use the sofa every day. To ensure the same we do the sanitization of the sofa as well. We use germicidal disinfectant and dust mite to make your sofa free from various viruses and bacteria.

In case of leather sofa cleaning, there is a fear of leather cracking. Thus, we moist the sofa thoroughly after the completion of cleaning method in this case. We use the steam cleaner for sofa as well.

We use foam more and water less for the best cleaning of the sofas. It also helps in making drying out more quickly. Your sofa will also be well maintained in this way.


Quality assured:

  • We use the non-toxic and safe cleaning chemicals especially for pets and children at home.
  • Our gentle solutions will not affect the condition of the synthetic or natural fabric.
  • Our experts first see the condition of the sofa and try to find out where the stains are. Secondly, they also try to find out what kind of stain they need to clean. Therefore, they are always capable of using the right method of cleaning which provides more successful results.
  • If you compare our price it is extremely competitive with the market rates. However, in case of quality, we don’t compromise at all.

Variety of service provided:

Being a professional cleaning service provider, we provide service in variety of places. We are one of the most reputed companies for providing commercial cleaning services in offices, auto and boat interiors and even at your home. Whether it is home or office we maintain the same level of quality assuring the best service level all the time. In all the places we only send our well-trained specialists who can clean your sofa completely keeping the condition of the sofa at the perfect level.

Now, you have surely understood that cleaning a sofa is not a hazard if it is done in the most effective way. In fact, you will be able to keep your sofa in the right condition in this way. So, for getting the best quality and professional service you can always book us, as the best sofa cleaning services in Singapore for cleaning your sofa so that you can sit on a clean clear sofa set and that increases the beauty of your interior to a great extent.