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DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore has been providing professional rug cleaning services for residential and commercial clients for years now.


  • Rug Cleaning Experts: Our cleaning specialists have been in this industry for over the past decade, completing works for both residential and commercial clients.
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3 Steps to Get Your Rug Cleaned

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3. Get your rug cleaned.

Carpet Deep Cleaning Process

By following these steps, you can restore your carpet to its original state.


Step 1: Deep vacuuming

– remove dirt/dust/dust mites and other micro-particles


Step 2: Shampooing

– remove germs that cause odours and smell


Step 3: Rinsing

ensures gentle and deep cleaning of the carpet


Step 4: Water deep extraction

– remove dead skin, micro-particles, & excess water

*Disclaimer: We only execute spot cleaning for stained areas to safeguard the carpet’s surface from accidental damage. For our carpet cleaning services, we cannot guarantee the complete removal of all stains.

Our Carpet Cleaning Prices

Fr $0.40/Sqft
Cleaning of all carpet types for small areas with the use of chemicals.
Fr $0.40/Sqft
Cleaning of all carpet types for large areas including commercial/offices with the use of chemicals.

Unlike most carpet cleaning companies that only use water extraction, we at DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore follow the steps mentioned earlier. To further explain, these are the benefits you can enjoy if you entrust your carpets to us:

  • Gentle, deep cleaning at 1 bar spray pressure to ensure hygienic and effective cleaning.
  • Proven spray-extraction method which leaves minimal residual moisture and reduces risk of resoiling.
  • Flexible suction lips, optimal for confined spaces and allows cluttered areas to be cleaned easily.
  • Eco-friendly, designed to minimize energy consumption and ensure effective, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning.
  • Various accessories, a range of accessories are used to clean different types of upholstery.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Rates

We aim to keep our prices affordable for our customers to enjoy our suite of professional and reliable cleaning services.

Seamless Booking Experience

Simply contact us via phone call. The most convenient appointment will be arranged for you. Our dedicated customer support team will be able to assist with price quotes, inquiries, and provide recommendations.

High Quality Workmanship

Enjoy the latest cleaning machinery technology paired with our high-quality workmanship from our experienced cleaning specialists. Be assured to enjoy clean furniture pieces with our professional and reliable suite of cleaning services.

One-Stop Convenience

We aim to uphold the highest quality service standards from our customer service to our workmanship. We want our customers to enjoy the convenience of booking a suite of cleaning services with confidence and peace of mind.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Rug Cleaning Company

Regular rug cleaning is considered essential in any household as leaving a rug uncleaned can negatively affect your home’s aesthetic. However, make sure to hire a professional company as doing so yourself could cause intended damage to your rug, which at times could be permanent. Thus, we have compiled the benefits of hiring a professional rug cleaning company in Singapore.

Benefit 1: It Increases Your Rug’s Lifespan


Like clean fabric sofas, clean rugs are more likely to last longer than rugs that have incurred various forms of dirt, bacteria, and stains. As is the case with certain carpets, however, some rugs are made with certain materials that can only be cleaned using special equipment and solutions.

Benefit 2: It Improves Indoor Air Quality

Rugs need to be cleaned immediately because, just like carpet flooring, they can collect dust from various sources. However, this process should be done carefully, or else you might end up spreading the dust to other upholstered furniture and areas in your home. To prevent your home from becoming filled with dust, contact a servicing company that specializes in sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, and other similar services.

Benefit 3: It Provides Easy Removal of Stains and Spots


Although eliminating these yourself might seem ideal at first, doing so can be difficult, especially if the stains and spots have hardened. In contrast, engaging a professional will ensure that the stains and spots on your rug will be removed easily.

Benefit 4: It Ensures Complete Odor Elimination

As could happen with your home’s mattresses, rugs that have accumulated various forms of dirt and bacteria can eventually produce a foul odor. If left attended, this odor could become entrenched in your home, which can make it uncomfortable to live in. Thus, to eliminate it, seek the help of a professional rug cleaning company.

Benefit 5: It Saves Time

If you have some knowledge on how to clean your home’s carpet or rug properly but are unable to find time to do so, do not hesitate to seek assistance from a rug or carpet cleaning professional. They can ensure that your rug is thoroughly and completely cleaned while you attend to other important duties. Moreover, you will be able to ensure that your rug is free from dirt and dust at all times.

It is understandable that some homeowners will prefer to perform DIY rug cleaning, or may not wish to frequently engage in professional rug cleaning services. Hence, we have prepared some useful tips for rug cleaning for homeowners to easily maintain and clean their rugs at home.

Useful Tips on Rug Cleaning


Cleaning your rugs helps prevent your home from becoming filled with dust and grime. Furthermore, it protects you from any adverse health effects resulting from inhaling airborne particles and making contact with dirt.

Vacuum Your Rug As Often As Possible


Rugs often incur many forms of dirt that originate from various areas. Thus, vacuum it as often as you can or you could end up soiling different parts of your home as well as upholstered furniture.

Before vacuuming your rug, you can sprinkle a bit of baking soda over it to remove any odors, just like you would with old carpets.

Use The Suction-only Function

Please note that this is better used on carpet flooring as using it on a rug can damage its fabric and even shred its fringes. Furthermore, it could pull small loose fibers, creating a run in the carpet.

Clean Any Spills Immediately

Just like with various types of carpets, any spillages on your rug need to be soaked up immediately. Simply dampen a white cotton cloth and blot it on the affected areas like you would during mattress cleaning.

Rotate Your Rug Annually

You can try rotating once a year to prevent extensive fading in one area. Since it is also prone to sun damage like leather sofas, it might be best to keep it out of sunlight so that it fades much more gradually.

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