Being one of the most reputed mattress cleaning services in Singapore, we are expert in taking best care of your mattresses. When it comes to mattress you will always want to have a clean and hygienic one because you sleep for hours on it. All your daily activities are going to be affected if you do not have a clean mattress. So, regular cleaning is must in this case.

Get rid of pests and stains:

When it comes to mattress it is not only stain which will make you worried. You will also want it to be cleaned to get rid of any sort of bacteria or pests which can affect your hygiene. So we give utmost importance to mattress sanitizing. With the best deep cleaning methods, we can eliminate the pests completely.

We can also take care of the odors and stains you may have on it. The latest technology used by us will successfully remove most of the germs from your bed. We can also successfully remove 90% of the stains with the best methods we use for cleaning with quality mattress cleaner.


Why choose us:

We are providing the best quality cleaning service in Singapore. We take additional care of your mattress making us the most reliable and trustworthy cleaning services to choose. Not only that:

  • The cleaning technology we use is approved by the best retailers of the mattresses. It is absolutely safe for your mattress.
  • In case of mattress, we don’t use any chemical or moisture. So, immediately after the cleaning completion you will get a completely dry mattress to sleep. Dry and green technology is used instead to ensure the dryness of the mattress is maintained after cleaning completion.
  • As we don’t use any sort of chemical for mattress cleaning there is no chance of getting any chemical stain after the completion of cleaning method. It is absolutely safe for both babies and adults.
  • We use a proven and effective method of cleaning excrements, dust mites, body fluid residue, skin flakes and dust. It can even clean the microorganisms which remain in the mattress.
  • We use the professional and high quality machines for the cleaning job.
  • To clean mattress stains, the sprays which are used by us are extremely eco-friendly.

How our technology works:

Being the best mattress cleaning service we use the best portable device for cleaning which use the pulsating waves with a very high frequency. Apart from this it provides amazing suction the combination of which makes the cleaning perfect. The technology of highly intensified UV-C light used with the device helps in killing the germs completely.

It also destroys the microorganisms and the various other harmful dust particles which have made your mattress dirty and unhygienic. The entire process of cleaning will be completed within fifteen to thirty minutes only. It actually depends on the size of your bed. Only after five minutes of cleaning completion the mattress will be ready for use.


Assured quality and professionalism:

As it is about cleaning of your mattress you will surely want the experts to be on the case. This is why we have the best skilled technicians with us for the cleaning work to be done. They are not only good in completing the cleaning work within the quickest time but they also ensure that the cleanliness and hygiene of your mattress is retained after completion of the cleaning work.

Age of the mattress will be an important issue especially in case of cleaning the old stains of your mattress. Though our technicians try to eliminate the older stains as much as possible with the best mattress stain remover.

It has been found in many cases that people don’t go for the regular cleaning of their mattresses because they remain busy in their hectic schedule. This is why we always try to provide convenient time schedules for completing the work of cleaning.

At the same time our experts ensure that they can complete the work of cleaning in the quickest time possible so that you can go for mattress cleaning on regular basis. It is surely going to keep your mattress perfect for a sound sleep which is eventually helpful for maintaining the hectic schedule.


Best price:

As you are aware that mattress cleaning is a regular process which you should maintain budgeting for the same will also be a crucial issue to think for. This is why we try to provide you the service within the most competitive price range in the market. Considering the quality, we always maintain with our service you will find our rates quite reasonable for sure.

At the end it can surely be said that our mattress cleaning service is famous for the reliability and trust which we always maintain with all our clients. So, contact us if you feel the requirement of mattress cleaning at any point of time.