When people think about cleaning, hardly anyone thinks about cleaning the upholstery of their rooms. The continuous usage of the upholstery is sure to gradually build up dirt and result in wear and tear. After some time, you will find that the stains and dirt have gotten so deeply embedded that a simple vacuum is not getting the job done anymore. By then, you will need to call for sofa cleaning services.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider hiring an upholstery cleaning service:

Reason 1: It Is Difficult To Clean Upholstery

Different upholstery fabric requires different techniques to clean it out. Therefore, it is better to hire up a skilled upholstery cleaning professional than taking the risk of damaging your expensive furniture with improper cleaning materials or techniques.

Reason 2: Stains Are Challenging To Remove


Removing stains from upholstery is quite challenging. It becomes even more cumbersome when you have to do it yourself. Moreover, using the wrong techniques can cause it to settle even deeper into the fabric. Professional upholstery cleaning companies will have both the tools and experience to help eliminate even the most stubborn stains.

Reason 3: Keeps Your Family Healthy

Multiple allergens and pollutants reside in your furniture. Without proper cleaning, it can be a risk for the health of your family.

Reason 4: Manufacturers Recommend Using a Professional Hand


According to some manufacturers, your warranty can get void if you carry out the upholstery cleaning on your own. It is due to the reason that you can end up damaging the furniture. Therefore, look into whether your warranty has such a clause or not, and if it does then hire a professional to carry out the service.

Reason 5: Save your time

Cleaning upholstery requires not just the right products and equipment, but also the proper techniques for the whole thing to be effective and successful. It might not be easy for you to learn it all, buy all the expensive equipment, and then perhaps hire or train extra manpower to carry the job out. Instead of wasting precious time and energy, you can hire a service that provides upholstery cleaning in Singapore and leave the job to their hands.

Reason 6: Expensive Furniture


Upholstered furniture like chairs and couches are often expensive. If you attempt to carry out cleaning it on your own, then you can damage it and your investment along with it. Professionals will ensure that the furniture remains undamaged and that you can maintain your investment for more years.

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If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of having your upholstery professionally cleaned then you really should speak to one of our experts at DW Carpet Cleaning. We will not leave any dirt-attracting residue, meaning that your furniture and upholstery will not re-soil prematurely as is often the case with other cleaning processes. These are great benefits therefore more than justify the cost of getting professional upholstery service.

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