Fabric sofas are a common piece of furniture found in many households. Due to their frequent usage, however, they tend to incur different types of dirt which can lead to stains. To eliminate these stains, it is important to have them undergo regular cleaning by sofa cleaning professionals.

As is the case during carpet cleaning and mattress cleaning, eliminating stains from a sofa should be possible provided that the proper guidelines are followed. Thus, take note of the following to properly remove stains from your fabric sofa.

Importance of Checking Laundry Tags

One thing to remember about sofa cleaning is that the proper cleaning methods and techniques largely depend on the material with which the fabric sofa is made. For this reason, be sure to check your sofa’s laundry tag before deciding on what cleaning tools to use. If the tag has the “W” symbol, this means that it can undergo water-based cleaning methods. In case it has the “S” symbol, your upholstery sofa will need to be maintained using a cleaning solvent. Should an “X” symbol be printed on your sofa’s tag, no other cleaning tools can be used on it other than a vacuum.

Why You Should Remove Your Sofa’s Stains Immediately


Stains normally form on a fabric sofa as a result of accidental spillages from liquids or mixtures. It is vital that these stains be removed via immediately as some of them can come from dense substances which might cause them to be deeply embedded into the fabric if left uncleaned. Remember that the longer a stain is left to dry on different types of carpets and furniture, the harder it is to remove. Moreover, leaving a stain to dry for long periods can cause it to damage the sofa’s fabric permanently.

Sofa Cleaning Tips

Use High-quality Cleaning Products


When cleaning your fabric sofa, it is best that you use cleaning products of the highest quality. Substandard cleaning tools can fail to remove dirt and dust from your sofa effectively. Furthermore, they might even cause unnecessary damage.

Test The Cleaning Products You Intend To Use

Before you make use of any cleaning products for sofa cleaning, do not forget to test them out beforehand on a small corner of your sofa before cleaning your sofa. That way, you can ensure that they work properly and do not cause any damage to your furniture. Be aware that some products designed for carpet, sofa, or mattress cleaning might have defects that could prevent them from functioning properly.

Steps For Cleaning Your Fabric Sofa


  • Prepare Your Cleaning Solution: Maintaining your upholstered furniture will not be possible if you do not have a proper cleaning solution prepared beforehand. For most fabric sofas, a mixture of detergent and warm water is sufficient. However, you can also add vinegar if you wish to make it easier to remove stubborn stains. You can also make use of distilled water so as to prevent any mineral stains from remaining after you clean your fabric sofa.
  • Vacuum Your Sofa: Once you have prepared your cleaning solution, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any signs of dust and dirt on your sofa. Be sure to vacuum both the inner and outer surfaces of the sofa just like you would when cleaning your home’s mattress.
  • Spot Clean Your Sofa: After ensuring that all particles have been removed, soak a microfiber cloth or sponge in the solution, and gently blot it on any stained areas. Start from the outer edge of the sofa and make your way towards the center.
  • Clean Up The Blotted Areas: Similar to when you are removing carpet stains, dip a separate clean cloth in plain water and rinse the soaped areas of your fabric sofa. Make sure not to leave these areas too damp to allow your fabric sofa to dry much more quickly.
When To Hire A Professional For Sofa Cleaning

At times, homeowners might not have the proper tools needed to clean their carpet or sofa. There are also those who simply lack enough time to perform this procedure. Meanwhile, others are wary about causing any accidental damage to their furniture. In such cases, you should try hiring professional sofa cleaning services instead. Since they have much more experience in maintaining upholstered furniture, they can see to it that your sofa is cleaned quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently without any damage being caused.


When removing stains from your fabric sofa, always make sure that the cleaning tools you are using are of the highest quality. Furthermore, always check the laundry tags of your fabric sofas to determine what cleaning methods are suitable for them. Never forget to follow the proper steps for cleaning your sofa as well to ensure that all forms of dirt, dust, and stains are eliminated. When in doubt, hire a professional sofa cleaning company to assist you.

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