Singapore homeowners buy upholstered furniture to liven up their space while also enjoying their uses, therefore it is important to preserve them. Over time, these upholstered pieces of furniture will be subjected to spills and damages, which is unavoidable. If you are aware of what to do when it occurs, then there is not much to worry about. You can also contact your trusted upholstery cleaning service or sofa cleaning service, to help you with your furniture’s maintenance.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain your upholstered furniture at home:

Clean Your Upholstery According To Codes

One of the ways to maintain your upholstery sofa or any furniture is by checking your furniture’s manufacturer instructions and the fabric cleaning code. If you find a “W” then it means you can use water. Remove every cushion cover and wash it as per the instructions of the manufacturer. If the cleaning code reads an “S” then you need to avoid using water and make use of a nonwater-based solvent like alcohol for upholstery cleaning. Simply spray it lightly, and then blot using a sponge or clean white cloth. In case the cleaning code reads “S/W” then you can use water or solvent. If there is an “X” then you need to avoid both and only vacuum clean your furniture. Knowing the best way to clean a fabric sofa and other upholsteries will allow you to use these furnishings for a longer period.

Prevent Stains With A Fabric Protector

If your furniture has not been treated with a fabric protector to prevent stains, then it will be good to apply it yourself. It will be even better if you let a well-known professional perform the job. In case your furniture is already treated, then make sure to learn from your manufacturer how long it is going to last. Many treatments offered by manufacturers need to be reapplied on a regular basis to maintain their ability to resist stains from food droppings or even yellow stains from kids’ and pets’ pees. It is also easier and cheaper to protect the fabrics than to remove stains from fabric sofa or upholstery.

Clean Upholstered Furniture Gently


The same with cleaning leather sofa, scrubbing too hard on the upholstery surface should be avoided even if you are trying to get rid of tough stains. Scrubbing may only grind the marks deeper into the fiber and can even harm the fabric. It will rather be wise to allow the stain remover to sink in well before blotting it away gently. Make sure you use a microfiber or a soft cloth to blot the stains. Do not use any bristled brush or coarse fabric. If you feel the fibers have become stiff after drying, then you can loosen the material with the help of a soft brush. It is also advisable to hire a professional for sofa cleaning to avoid further damage to your sofa and other upholsteries.

Remove Pet Hair


If you are relaxing on your couch with your furry friend, then chances are you will find traces of their fur on the sofa. Similar to mattress cleaning, to get rid of pet hair from the upholstered sofa you need to wear a pair of rubber gloves and simply run them over your sofa. The gloves cause static and thus will pull the pet hair off to your furniture’s edge, from where you can vacuum it off with ease. Furthermore, you can create your own sofa cleaning static spray by combining a little fabric softener in some water and spray the solution on your furniture before wiping off the hair using a cloth. This method could also be helpful in maintaining your leather sofa from accumulating furs. (Do note: This method may not be applicable for a fabric sofa.)

Clean Blankets And Pillows


When you doing your laundry, do not forget to wash your pillows and blankets as well. If you are using a washing machine, then it will be best to opt for the cold gentle cycle. In case your pillow covers are removable, then throw them inside your machine inside-out. Do not forget to dry your pillows properly. If there is any inner dampness left in the pillow, it can become a spot for mold to grow. If you are not sure whether your pillows are washable then simply spray some essential oil-infused water on them and then throw it in your dryer with a few tennis balls. You can also ask for a professional mattress cleaning or sofa cleaning services to wash or dry clean the upholsteries for you.

Vacuum Often


When doing upholstery cleaning and maintenance, it is important to vacuum the fabric surfaces using an upholstery attachment. This will help you get rid of dirt, dust, and general crumbs that may have been transferred from the floor to the surface of your fabric (perhaps through your socks). Vacuuming does not even take much time but helps prevent the dirt from getting more embedded. If you are cleaning a leather sofa, you must dust it regularly using a soft cloth. When cleaning fabric sofas you can use a soft-bristled brush, like the one you get with your dustpan. Get a new one and make sure you use it only for upholstery cleaning. Hiring sofa cleaning professionals is also a good option because they have the latest techniques and equipment for this job.

Clean Up Spills As Quickly As Possible

For regular sofa cleaning in Singapore, you must always keep aside a few clean absorbent cloths ready. Whenever there is a spill, the first thing you need to do is absorb it. Never start by rubbing, particularly colored liquids including wine or juice. Once you have absorbed as much as you could, the next thing you need to do is spot treat your fabric. Most store-bought upholstery cleaning solutions will come with instructions on how you can clean the spot and absorb any extra stain pigments. Spot cleaner works good, but you may still end up leaving a little elbow grease. If you rub the marks, then it may end up damaging your fabric. It is also advisable to hire a professional sofa cleaning company to avoid damaging your upholsteries. They will usually offer other cleaning services depending on your needs.


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