Leather and fabric sofas are considered as one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in any home. However, this also means that they tend to collect dirt easily. As such, it is important to properly maintain them via professional cleaning services.

Even though sofa cleaning should be a simple process just like mattress cleaning, some people find it a difficult task to perform. There are also those who lack the time to do it. If you happen to be among these people, it is recommended that you seek regular assistance from professionals who specialize in upholstery cleaning. In this article, we explore how often you should hire professional sofa cleaning services and how it compares with cleaning your sofa yourself.

How Often Should Sofa Cleaning Be Done?


Like their carpet flooring, some households have upholstery sofas that are used almost every single day and by various people coming from different places. For others, it is rarely used even by visitors. If you reside in a home with many children and animals, it is recommended that you have your leather or fabric sofa cleaned every three to four months. In the case where you reside alone, however, having your sofa cleaned at least once or twice a year will suffice. What is important is that your sofa does not accumulate any dust or grime which might render it uncomfortable and unsafe to use.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Sofa Cleaned


Reason 1: Presence of Children and Pets

As mentioned, fabric and leather sofas should be cleaned more frequently if there are children and pets present in your home. This is because they tend to bring lots of dirt such as mud and soil into the home which can be transferred onto upholstered furniture. Besides causing heavy stains, dirt can also result in your sofa having a foul odor.

Reason 2: Bacteria/Viruses

Regular sofa cleaning is also ideal if you often leave the home. Take note that there are many viruses or forms of bacteria that reside outdoors which you could end up transferring onto your household furniture. Although many of them tend to die immediately, there are those which could thrive for long periods of time and result in illness. Thus, it is best to have your leather or fabric sofa cleaned routinely to ensure your health is protected.

Reason 3: Airborne Particles

Though less harmful than viruses, bacteria, and dirt, airborne particles like dust can put your health at risk if not cleaned off your leather or fabric sofa immediately. When left attended, dust can pile up and cause you to experience numerous respiratory problems like asthma and allergies. By having it removed from both your old carpets and your sofa, you can ensure that your home has clean and refreshing indoor air.

Can I Clean A Sofa Myself?


If your sofa has only incurred minor dirt or you lack the time to seek help from a professional sofa cleaning company, then you can opt to clean your sofa yourself. Simply use a vacuum to suck in unwanted particles. You can also use a dry brush to remove loose particles and uncover hidden dust and grime. To remove stains from your fabric sofa or leather sofa, dampen a microfiber cloth with a proper cleaning solution and blot it on the necessary areas.

When Should I Hire A Professional?


At times, the dust, dirt, and mildew that a sofa incurs are too stubborn to remove. In that case, you might want to seek the help of a professional to clean your sofa. Since they have more experience in maintaining leather sofas and fabric sofas and know which tools to use, they can easily clean your furniture without causing any damage.


Some people can clean their sofas without much difficulty if it only contains little dirt or dust. However, if yours has too many stubborn stains and grime, then availing of professional cleaning services is recommended. Remembering that keeping your leather or fabric sofa clean at all times through the proper means is always a must.

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