Most Singapore homeowners spend at least eight hours a day on their bed. Sleeping well is essential for good health, and having a clean mattress will improve the quality of sleep. Although homeowners clean their home and furniture regularly, they often do not clean their mattresses for months or even years. Since they are using bedsheets to cover their mattress, they would probably think that washing the bed sheets is sufficient to keep the mattress clean. They do not realize that the dirt, dust, and other fluids will also be transferred to the mattress. Homeowners must know that it is necessary to have their mattress tended by mattress cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services regularly.

In this article, we will be discussing how often you should seek a professional mattress cleaning service:

How Often Should A Mattress Be Cleaned 

Homeowners like yourself should hire professionals for mattress cleaning in Singapore at least once in six months. The mattress may contain dust mites, dead skin, bacteria, fungi, and dirt that can be harmful to your family’s health. In some cases, pee from your kid or pet may also cause yellow stains and a pungent odor. This can adversely affect the quality of sleep. Your family may also wake up at night if they are bitten by the pests or if their skin itch. Do not wait for these to happen before having the mattress thoroughly cleaned.

Reasons to Get Your Mattress Clean

Some of the reasons why the mattress should be cleaned professionally are:

  • Dust Mites

Like a fabric sofa, the mattress has many dust mites that feed on the dead skin that people shed when they are asleep. These dust mites multiple rapidly, and the dead dust mites also accumulate on the mattress, making it dirty, and causing respiratory problems.

  • Allergy

The dust mites in the mattresses release a chemical called guanine which causes health issues like coughing, sneezing, respiratory problems, headaches, itching, and skin problems. This is also a common carpet problem, wherein bacteria, fungi and other microbes that cause allergies reside on surfaces and slits of fabrics.

  • Stains

Another reason why the mattress should be cleaned professionally is the stains on the mattress caused by spilled liquids, sweating, blood, and other fluids. These stains can be hard to remove, and they can cause unpleasant smells, which can make it difficult to sleep well at night. Professionals can effectively remove pee out of a mattress, extinguishing all traces of stains and odors.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Cleaning 


Homeowners should clean the mattresses at home regularly to maintain the hygiene of your mattresses and prevent the accumulation of dirt. They can use the vacuum cleaner to remove the visible dirt from the mattress. Ideally, a soft brush attachment should be used while cleaning the mattress. If the mattress is having an unpleasant smell, baking soda can be sprinkled to remove the smell.

Hiring A Professional Mattress Cleaning Company 


Although family members can clean the mattress themselves, it is a very time-consuming process. Also, if the right method is not used, the mattress may get damaged and may need replacement. Saving time, while having the mattress thoroughly cleaned are some of the benefits of hiring a professional for mattress cleaning. Before doing so, it is also important to choose your service provider carefully. It is advisable to refer to reviews and blogs to make sure that the one you are hiring is reputable and well-recommended.


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