Fabric sofas are one of the most used pieces of furniture in many Singaporean households. Notwithstanding the comfort they provide, they tend to incur dirt easily as a result of their frequent usage. In order to prolong their usage, it is vital to have them undergo regular sofa cleaning.

One of the great misconceptions about sofa cleaning is that it is a long and cumbersome process. In fact, cleaning a sofa is now as easy as cleaning a carpet thanks to modern cleaning appliances. Among these appliances is the steamer, a device also used for mattress cleaning. In this article, we explore the steps you need to take in order to clean your fabric sofa properly with a steamer.

Guidelines To Follow Before Using A Steamer


Before you begin using a steamer to clean your fabric sofa, do not forget to confer with your sofa’s manufacturer about whether it can actually undergo steam cleaning. Take note that, like leather sofas, some fabric sofas are designed such that they can only be cleaned with a select number of tools and solutions. You can also check your sofa’s tag to see if it is labeled as “SW” or “X” meaning water solvent. If the tag shows “SW” then your sofa is eligible for steam cleaning. Otherwise, you will have to resort to other water-free cleaning methods.

How To Steam Clean Your Sofa In Five Steps

Step 1: Ensure Proper Room Temperature

Although you can have your sofa cleaned with a steamer at any time, it is best to do so during warm weather in case you want it to dry immediately. To prevent your sofa from being damp, see to it that humidity levels are high enough and that your room has proper ventilation. You can also open your windows and add any additional fans to make your room more optimal for drying.

Step 2: Vacuum Your Sofa


Before you begin removing the stains on your fabric sofa with a steamer, be sure to remove any particles using a vacuum. By doing so, you will be able to better identify and remove any stains that might be present on your fabric sofa.

Step 3: Spot Clean Your Sofa


Once you have ensured that your room is suitable for drying and that all visible particles have been removed, you can begin using your steamer to clean your fabric sofa. As you would when cleaning your home’s mattress, make sure to go over every surface to thoroughly remove all signs of dirt and debris. You can use a crevice nozzle to clean certain gaps that may otherwise be hard to reach. Try attaching a microfiber cloth to your steamer’s cleaning head as well to wipe off any hidden particles. Whenever the cloth reaches its maximum dirt absorption capacity, be sure to replace it to prevent any collected dirt from getting on your sofa.

Step 4: Air Dry Your Sofa

After eliminating all signs of dirt and debris on your fabric sofa, allow it to air dry. As is the case when you have finished cleaning a leather sofa, avoid sitting on your fabric sofa or placing objects on it to prevent dirt from being transferred. Your sofa should be completely dry within a day.

While waiting for your sofa to dry, you can empty and rinse your steam cleaner so that you can also use it to clean your mattress or for carpet cleaning.

Step 5: Vacuum Your Sofa Once More

Once your sofa has completely dried, make sure to vacuum it once more. This is to remove any dirt which might have been released by the steamer during the cleaning process.


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