Resting on a clean sofa certainly feels more soothing than resting on one that looks soiled and dirty and a clean sofa will also naturally relate to better health in the long run. It is also important to ensure that sofas are cleaned and maintained regularly, as they tend to get dirty rather easily and quickly. However, many have misconceptions about sofa cleaning and we will be covering the common ones in this article.

Cleaning Only When They Are Visibly Dirty


Many Singaporean homeowners believe that mattress or sofa cleaning should be postponed till they appear dirty to the naked eye. However, many do not consider that sofas are made up of soft materials that are very much capable of picking up pollen, fungi, dust, and debris from food and drinks over time. If left unclean for a long time, it is sure to accumulate much dirt that will get difficult to clean. If you are unable to perform DIY cleaning, it is advisable to hire a sofa cleaning service in Singapore.

Using Tools Without Adequate Information

Some homeowners may choose and decide to opt for DIY sofa cleaning, however many times, they tend to do so without proper tools and information. Usage of wrong cleaning agents such as soap, water, or other chemicals can result in leaving stains and streaks on the sofa fabric. This will not only just cause damage to the sofa, but it will also deteriorate its quality. Before performing DIY sofa cleaning, you may want to research about some sofa cleaning guides.

Cleaning Misconceptions Regarding Leather Sofa


One common mistake that homeowners commit when cleaning their leather coaches, is to use locally available or any regular cleaning agent which actually damages the leather and takes away it’s trademark appearance and shines. To properly clean a leather couch always use a proper leather cleaner to clean and condition the sofa. If you want a more thorough cleaning, then it will be more advisable to engage in professional sofa cleaning services.

Maintenance Misconceptions Regarding Fabric Sofa


Many people think that fabric sofas are costly to maintain, and it requires special cleaning. However, the real truth is that fabric sofas can be cleaned using a fabric sofa cleaner, specifically for this purpose. If you cannot find a cleaner like this, mix in a mild dishwashing soap or water solution to remove the spots or stains. Along with this, practicing some regular vacuuming will keep the sofa in good condition.

Airing Out the Sofas

A newly purchased sofa will have a peculiar smell resulting from being kept from the storage for long, but there is no need to clean it with a vacuum or any special cleaner or mix to remove the smell. Air it out by keeping it in the open will help you get rid of the smell.

It is time-consuming and challenging to clean up a sofa by one person alone. Moreover, many people also practice the use of the wrong tools to do it. It is better to hire a reliable and trustworthy upholstery professional service like DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore to prevent any further damage. They have the required equipment and trained staff with years of experience in the industry.


When it comes to sofa cleaning, several myths are related to it that put worry and doubt in your mind. If you are dealing with the same doubts and misconceptions, you need to consider calling DW Carpet Cleaning. We have experts to help you clean your sofa in the best way, using the best methods and equipment to secure cleaning and to help you maintain your sofa.

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