Oftentimes, people tend to overlook cleaning their mattresses thinking that it is not as important as cleaning their carpets or upholstery. As a matter of fact, mattress cleaning is just as important as any other household chore such as rug cleaning. This is because you are very likely to spend nearly a third of a day in bed, you need to maintain your mattress so that you can provide yourself with enough comfort.

Without proper mattress cleaning, your mattress can swiftly turn into a hotbed for bacteria and allergens which can deprive you of good quality sleep. This in turn can increase your stress levels and leave you much more unproductive throughout the day. Similar to the case with lack of sofa cleaning, improper maintenance of your mattress will also leave it filled with grime, which causes skin and respiratory problems such as rashes, eczema, allergies, and even asthma.

To avoid the aforementioned problems, take note of the following tips on how to maintain your mattress. By doing so, you can ensure that they are free from dirt at all times and are comfortable to use.

Tip 1: Wash and Change Your Bedsheets Regularly


At times, it might be the bedsheets themselves that might be causing your mattress at home to collect dirt and bacteria. This is especially likely if the bedsheets have not been washed for a significant period of time and have been used by numerous other people. In order to keep your mattress clean, it is recommended that you wash them every two weeks and at a water temperature of more than 120 degrees Celsius.

Tip 2: Keep Your Mattress Dry


It is a well-known fact that mold and mildew flourish more on moist objects and upholstered furniture which you might have at home. Thus, be sure to keep your mattress dry at all times. For best results, cover it with a mattress pad or mattress topper. Either of these should be able to protect your mattress from any accidental spills or leaks.

Another way to keep your mattress dry is by storing it in a warm area (just as you would after cleaning your old carpets). This will ensure that any form of moisture on your mattress is eliminated much more quickly before mold or mildew could build up.

Tip 3: Eliminate Any Stains


When compared to spillages, yellow stains, food stains, and many other types of stains are considered much more unavoidable. This is because they tend to result from common behavior such as touching, rubbing, or even sweating. Though they are less likely to cause the growth of bacteria, it is best to have them cleaned to protect the appearance of your mattress.

One way of removing both carpet stains and mattress stains is by using a mixed solution of water and white vinegar. Spray this on the stains and then dry them with a clean cloth. Next, sprinkle baking soda on them and wait an hour before vacuuming the powder. After that, allow your mattress to dry.

In case you prefer a simpler way of removing your mattress stains, try buying a cleaner spray instead. You can also use the same solution you use for cleaning your leather sofas.

Tip 4: Vacuum Your Mattress Regularly


As is the case with carpet cleaning, one of the simplest ways of cleaning your mattress is by vacuuming it regularly. To ensure that all dust and dirt are removed, you might want to use a high-powered vacuum cleaner with a decent HEPA filter system. Just make sure to clean the vacuum brush thoroughly to avoid transferring attached dust particles onto your mattress.

Tip 5: Avoid Wet Cleaning Your Mattress

Wet cleaning is another method practiced by some homeowners to rid their mattresses of dust and dirt. Normally, this involves dry vacuuming the mattress, brushing it with shampoo, and wet vacuuming it to remove all stains and particles. A very hot steamer (often intended for cleaning fabric sofas) is also used to kill bacteria and other live organisms.

Although wet cleaning might seem like an ideal mattress or carpet cleaning method at first, many experts do not recommend it since it can weaken their fire-resistant material. To ensure your mattress’s durability, you might want to make use of more conventional cleaning methods instead.

Tip 6: Hire A Professional Mattress Cleaning Service


In order for a mattress to be totally clean, the proper cleaning methods need to be employed. However, some people require assistance in determining which of these methods are proper for maintaining their mattresses. If you happen to be one of them, we suggest you hire professional mattress cleaning services to assist you.

Hiring a professional for mattress cleaning can help better determine what tools and solutions are needed to properly clean your mattress. By seeking their help, you will be able to ensure that all dirt, dust, and bacteria from your mattress is removed without any damage being caused.


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