Owning a beautiful leather sofa at home can be a common sight for many households, as many homeowners love the way it completely changes the look of your home. However, there is one thing you need to remember, a leather sofa needs a whole lot of care and attention. If you ignore giving it the attention that it deserves, it will start looking dull pretty soon, and will not even last you as long as it otherwise can. Aside from hiring a sofa cleaning service regularly, you can also take care of your leather sofa at home yourself.

Here are steps and ways to maintain your upholstery sofa:

1. Clean Your Leather Sofa Regularly 
Unlike a fabric sofa, leather is one such hardy material, which when taken good care of, will appear even better with time. If you do not regularly use a leather sofa cleaner to clean your sofa then it can soon become a little worn out. You need to take out time at least once every week and invest in hiring professional sofa cleaning services. For cases whereby your sofa is heavily utilised, you will most likely need to clean it twice a week.

2. Regularly Condition Your Leather Sofa


Leather contains oil and you need to replenish this frequently. It helps keep the upholstered furniture at home supple and soft. Over time, this natural property of leather begins diminishing. This is why it is not enough to only use the best leather sofa cleaner but also a conditioner that will give freshness to your sofa and help prevent it from becoming dry. It is vital to ensure that you use a high-quality leather conditioner and apply it on a regular basis. You can also request for an upholstery cleaning service to make sure that your sofa gets the care it deserves.

3. Position Your Sofa Away From The Sun 


Is your sofa placed near the window where it gets direct sunlight every day? If yes, it is time you find a new place for it if you want it to last you long and look healthy. Regular exposure to sunlight or other sources of heat contributes to dryness and cracking. Professional for sofa cleaning will also suggest making sure that your sofa is away from places or things that emit heat such as fireplaces, radiators, and air conditioning units, as they too can affect the look and life of your leather sofa. For better maintenance, you can also read on ultimate guide on cleaning leather sofa.

4. Keep Pets Off From Your Leather 


Apart from using the best leather sofa cleaner and cleaning methods, there are other things you need to give attention to as well. One thing that you should consider is your pets. Just like carpet flooring, cats and dogs, may use leather as their scratching post. This can harm your precious leather sofa in a more than you can imagine. You may wish to tackle this issue by training your pets to stay away from them. This method can also work for fabric sofa, cleaning a fabric sofa would be easier if furs from pets can be prevented from getting stuck in the nooks and crannies of the sofa.

5. Find Professionals To Repair Cuts/Torns 

If your leather sofa still gets cuts and tears after investing time in cleaning your leather sofa regularly, it will not be wise to try and repair the sofa yourself. You will only be doing your sofa more harm than good. Using a leather seat cleaner and cleaning the sofa is still something that many people can do themselves. However, when it comes to repairing a sofa, it is recommended to engage  a sofa cleaning company in Singapore to fix your sofa. Prior to hiring, you should also know the things to take note of when hiring a sofa cleaning company.


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