It is common for kids and pets to pee on the mattress, resulting in unpleasant odors in the bedroom. Besides, if the urine dries up before a thorough clean up, there is a possibility of yellow stains forming on the mattress, which can be hard to remove over time. However, with these cleaning techniques, you can easily remove any unpleasant urine odors and stains taking over your child’s mattress. The good news is that removing such odors and stains is not something complicated to consume most of your resources and time. You can either call for a mattress cleaning service or execute the cleaning techniques yourself.

We have prepared five simple steps on how you can remove urine from a mattress with ease.

What Is Required To Clean Urine From Mattress? 

A clean mattress does enhance not only our sleep but also plays a very critical on health matters. However, sometimes kids may accidentally soil their mattress during their sleep. This makes it very important for adults or parents to properly clean the urine on the mattress to keep it in the best condition possible for a comfy sleep. Aside from knowing when to hire an upholstery cleaning service knowing how to remove pee out of a mattress without corroding or damaging the mattress materials is also important.

To clean your mattress at home, here are the various items and gears you will need to clean up the stains and odors from your mattress.

  • Baking soda
  • Coldwater
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Laundry detergent
  • A roll of clean towels
  • A vacuum machine
  • An unfilled spray bottle

You can also follow these five easy steps:

Step 1: Remove the Bedding


The first step is to strip off the mattress from the beddings and get them into the laundry machine ASAP. This is because urine stains might set in, especially if you wait until the urine dries up. It is, therefore, it is imperative to take your comforters and sheets into the washing machine immediately. If, after washing the sheets, you still find the urine stains and lingering urine still, then you can add a cup of distilled white vinegar and do washing once again. Washing it can not only remove the pee, it can also maintain the hygiene of your mattress.

Step 2: Blot the soiled Area (Do not Brush!) 

Using a clean, dry towel, blot the affected area. The purpose of blotting is to soak much of the urine. Never scrub the spot since this can push the pee deeper into the mattress fabrics, making it a bit more challenging to fully remove the urine. There are also mattress cleaning services in Singapore that can help you remove the pee from the mattress and its upholsteries.

Step 3: Using Your Spray Bottle, Apply The Vinegar Solution To The Urine Stain.


In your spray bottle, add two parts of cold water and one part of distilled white vinegar, and mix thoroughly. You can also add a small quantity of laundry detergent (3-4 tablespoons for a typical spray bottle and a maximum of 5 tablespoons in a large spray bottle). Spray the urine strain until it is fully soaked. Do not get afraid of soaking the stained area. If you are not comfortable with the strong vinegar smell, you can include scented oils, such as adding several lemon drops. Besides, if you do not have vinegar right with you, you can try Vodka. Yes, applying Vodka to the soiled area can help get rid of the odors. Fill an empty spray bottle with Vodka and spray the soiled area. Alcohol evaporates quickly, so do not worry about it taking too long to dry up. If you are not sure how to make the spray solution, you can hire a professional to do the cleaning for you. Besides, there are lots of benefits in hiring a professional for mattress cleaning.

Step 4: Allow The Vinegar Solution To Soak Fully. 

Let the vinegar solution soaks the mattress fully. Give it at least 15- 20 minutes. Now blot the already soaked area with a clean piece of cloth. The purpose of this is to soak up the extra liquid on the mattress. Doing this can also kill the bacteria on your mattress, and it can help to maintain the hygiene of your mattress.

Step 5: Apply The Baking Soda To The Stain Until It Is Fully Covered


Now cover the entire stain surface with the baking soda and leave it for not less than eight hours. Ensure the mattress is safe away from kids and pets to mess up with the baking soda. The final step is vacuuming up the dried baking soda. Using the hose extension, vacuum up the already dried-up baking soda on the mattress. However, be very cautious to ensure that all powder is dehydrated; otherwise, you might damage your vacuuming machine. However, you can still run the dry/wet vacuuming machine when cleaning the damp powder. Once you are done vacuuming the mattress, keenly inspect whether you will notice any traces of the stains. You can also repeat the previous steps to fully eradicate the smell and stains. In most cases, hiring professional mattress cleaning services can also help in maintaining your mattress odorless and in peak condition.


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